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Yellow Cookies

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They are made in large quantities to keep for a long time. We thank Mrs Helen Stagoni for the recipe.

• 10 kilos of flour
• Fresh yeast (such that n 'corresponds to 10 kg flour)
• 1 ½ pound butter margarine
• 3 green
• 2 liters of milk
• 2 grams saffron (crushed and dialymmeni in milk)
• Salt
• Pepper


Knead very well all the ingredients, starting with solids and slowly add the liquid.
Shape cookies by sticks and unite to make a circle the size of a dish of coffee. Place them in towels and wait n'anevei the dough. Once baked in puff built oven.

Since cook waiting to cool. Should be put back in oven to get the nut form, except that the oven has a built-off. The fire of the coal will frizei kitrinokoulouro for several hours.

To understand that it is ready, we put a apafta ear pressing. If the sound meets the feel of soft broken nut, then kitrinokoulouro is ready. When cool, put in large cans and close immediately.So daitirountai for some time.