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Easter is hosted at home of Mrs Helen Stagoni the meadow and shared with us the following recipe.Rather than spit lamb on Easter Sunday are stuffed lamb with rice. The preparation is the Saturday and then placed in a traditional oven. Below you will find all the steps and materials needed.


• The carcass of a lamb or goat (9 - 10 kgr approx.)
•The pluck (except spleen)
• 2 kgr rice soup
• 2 large onions dried
• Allspice ground
• Cinnamon, grated
• clove
• Salt
• Pepper
• Some water
• parchment paper, foil, klimatoverges, needle and thread


After washing the corpse by placing it in brine (salt water) and leave for 1 hour.

Wash the pluck and zematame in boiling water for 5 - 8 minutes. To withdraw, drain and cut into pieces the size of dice.

Fry in little oil psilokkomena the onions, add the chopped pluck, salt, pepper, allspice (about one teaspoon) of cinnamon and cloves (about half a teaspoon).

When almost done, add the lamb's liver and rice after the first wash.Finally add some water to almost done, and rice. The stuffing is ready to remove from the heat.

We take the corpse from the brine (which does not fly) and place the stuffing inside.

Carefully sew the open part of the meat.Sprinkle with pepper, allspice, cinnamon and clove.

Dip the wax paper in brine as well wet wrap the corpse in order not to appear any part of the meat. Then wrap with foil.

In a pan add the klimatoverges covering the bottom and place wrapped up in the wreck. Add a little water.

Put lambrianos from vradis built in oven where it baked all night until the next morning.