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Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel



The breakfast is curated by the dietician-nutritionist Mary Micheli, MSc. While you can always make your own breakfast choices from the menu, Mary has created some authentic Greek breakfast combinations as well as healthy and low-fat options that will be nutritious and keep your taste buds happy.

Kallichoron received the Green Marketing Excellence Award 2015 for “Grandma's Breakfast”, as an innovative way to promote sustainability and green practices in the Hotel Industry. This recognition makes Kallichoron the only hotel in Greece that has been awarded with a Marketing Excellence Award.


In Kallichoron there is special attention to the people and the environment of Astypalea, in which we all live and operate. Being the only Green Key eco-labelled hotel on the island, it is its priority to act responsibly in everything it does by promoting sustainability and eco-awareness in way of minimizing any adverse environmental impact from the hotel’s operations. Kallichoron is a great supporter of locally produced organic goods and local suppliers, thus supporting community projects.

Kallichoron is actively supporting the non-profit organization “Clean Hands”, which collects residual soap from hotels and after appropriate treatment, distributes them to socially vulnerable groups.

Being a socially responsible hotel, Kallichoron have adopted a sustainable approach to integrate economic, social and environmental concerns in its business operations. With the initiative “Room-to-Give”, Kallichoron supports local community projects for children and cultural activities.


Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel is an innovative forum for featured artists itself featuring contemporary art creations of renowned artists throughout the hotel and the apartments. This year, Kallichoron welcomes the beautiful artwork of the renowned Greek artist Eva Divari on the “Whirpools”, which is featured throughout the hotel and is inspired by the sea and the people that make a living in it and from it.


Experience nature in its best, relax the mind and acquire an attuned and harmonious sense of freedom through your body. Release tension, increase your awareness of your body and establish a connection to your senses.

Kallichoron invites the renowned Greek-Spanish body conscience and movement instructor Denise Perdikidis to introduce us to relaxation and body alignment techniques through outdoor activities by the sea. Enjoy an unforgettable experience of wellness and theatrical games by the sea.


Kallichoron regularly hosts themed excursions throughout the year, inviting its guests to explore the beautiful surroundings, the wondrous nature, the local traditions and tastes of Astypalea. For more details, click here.

Just moments away from the picturesque "Platia" of Chora, Kallichoron is the perfect destination for those seeking an elegant and stylish getaway to Astypalea island. The exceptional sea views and surroundings create a magnificent atmosphere and guests can enjoy a relaxing and truly unforgettable vacation.
Our rooms are characterized by comfort and elegance, where the modern world meets traditional island charm. Each room comes with fully equipped kitchen, air-conditioning, TV 32" LCD, Wi-Fi and a plethora of comfort amenities, including welcome treat upon arrival and our useful guide to the beauties of the island.
Whether you have a day of relaxation or adventure planned, Grandma's breakfast will help you start it right. Guests can enjoy fresh baked bread, homemade jams made from organic ingredients, local thyme honey, homemade pastries and pies, local cheese, fresh eggs and orange juice. Breakfast can be served in the room or in the dining room, which offers sweeping views of the Aegean Sea.


  • Double Rooms
  • Triple Rooms
  • Quadruple Rooms


  • TV
  • Aircondition
  • Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • internet




17-21 June 2016


Representative: Maria Maroudi

Address: Hora (Down-Town)

Tel.: 22430 61934 & 22430 61935

Mob.: 6936 889888

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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