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Astypalaia Maltezana tour

Astypalaia Maltezana or Analipsi Astypalaia is in the eastern part of the island and is the second largest settlement. In this section the terrain is different and beaches.

The destination for Maltezana from Hora requires the passage of the Marmara beach where the only organized camping on the island. Then at the narrowest point, the natural isthmus of Astypalea, referring to two beautiful sandy beaches and shallow waters. After the close, before turning to the airport there is a plateau with a path leading to the beach Plates.


Maltezana Astypalea probably got its name from the Maltese pirates who used the bay as a safe hideout. The houses are scattered in a valley with green gardens, fertile farms with vegetables and flowers.

maltezana3The characteristic of Analipsi Astypalaia is the port with fishing boats and spread networks where daily supply of fresh fish.

The Schoinontas, sandy beach with shallow waters, and taverns ideal for swimming and relaxing.

The Analipsi Astypalea presents archaeological interest in the Roman baths, the floor decorated with geometric shapes and the basilica of chairs with mosaics.



The Maltezana development is particularly upward in recent years about the accommodation options that vary between several hotels and rented rooms. Analipsis has many regular routes serving local transport residents, visitors, connecting with the Hora, Pera Gialos and Livadi.