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Astypalaia Pera Gialos

Astypalaia Pera Gialos tour

Pera Gialos, "port" of Astypalea, the first vistitors "welcome" before operate the current port of St. Andrew. Where the blue bay tends to touch the island, starting the white house, amphitheater built to climb the hill. They look like a frothy wave of struggling to get up in the castle. Why come here, because the country Pera Gialos have meet in this form the hollow structures.



Today Gialos serves yachts and sailing in the new marina has been formed and the connections to the nearby islands. During the summer months, from here start boat for trips to beaches and islands.

Apart from several services are concentrated in Gialos as the police, Customs, bank, many shops with souvenirs, traditional "ouzo" bars, taverns promise the visitor unforgettable moments.

A notable station is the archaeological museum, where important discoveries, drawings, photographs, and other exhibits showing the history of the island. But the church of Agios Nikolaos with its charming courtyard and the blue dome gazing Gialos deserve admiration.

Several accommodations satisfy every taste, and the small beach with crystal clear waters for those interested in small or large movements. The treasure of Pera Gialos is the magic moment of sunrise! The incredible colors of the horizon, the sea of houses, the castle when the sun emerges from the water and the first boat back full of fishing!