Here you will find various famous recipes from Astypalea which you can enjoy on the island or to brew yourself.


A recipe by Helen Stagoni. We thank her for everything.


For the dough:
• ½ kg flour
• 3 tbsp. tablespoon oil
•1 tsp. teaspoon salt
• 1 egg
• The juice of one lemon
• Some water

Savory stuffing:
• Kopanisti
• 1 egg
• Some water
• A little mint

Stuffing sweet:
• green
• A little cinnamon
• Low sugar
• A little milk


Place in a bowl of dough materials, from solid to liquid and knead to make soft dough (not too tight). Cut it into small balls which roll then pressing to make pita bread round.

Place the filling of your choice on one side of the circle without stretching it to reach the edges. Then fold the pita bread and press the edges of the dough to close and pinch the dough in the chamber to make sure that they will not leave the filling en'oso be fried.

Throw them in the pan in hot oil to cook. We turn to brown and just pull them out by placing them on absorbent paper.

The fresh pouches sprinkle with honey and cinnamon.


Even a traditional recipe by Helen Stagoni. We thank who shared with us the wonderful lampropites with exquisite taste.


For the dough:
• 1 kg flour for all purpose
• 1 ½ envelope dry yeast
• 1 ½ cup corn tea
• 4 eggs
• 1 tsp. teaspoon salt
• 1 tsp. teaspoon sugar
• 1 vanilla
• 1 pinch of crushed gum

For the filling:
• 1 green
•1 pinch saffron (trimmemno and dissolved in hot milk)
• pepper
• Sesame
• Mafrosisamo


Place in a bowl all the ingredients of the dough and begin to knead to make a soft dough. Cut it into small balls.

Throughout one of these open to young leaves with a rolling pin and place the stuffing inside.

Close the leaves from each end, forming triangles or squares without closing the upper surface to show the filling. Sprinkle the sesame mixture.

Wait until the lampropites to rise.

Bake in preheated oven for 20 minutes.

Yellow Cookies

They are made in large quantities to keep for a long time. We thank Mrs Helen Stagoni for the recipe.

• 10 kilos of flour
• Fresh yeast (such that n 'corresponds to 10 kg flour)
• 1 ½ pound butter margarine
• 3 green
• 2 liters of milk
• 2 grams saffron (crushed and dialymmeni in milk)
• Salt
• Pepper


Knead very well all the ingredients, starting with solids and slowly add the liquid.
Shape cookies by sticks and unite to make a circle the size of a dish of coffee. Place them in towels and wait n'anevei the dough. Once baked in puff built oven.

Since cook waiting to cool. Should be put back in oven to get the nut form, except that the oven has a built-off. The fire of the coal will frizei kitrinokoulouro for several hours.

To understand that it is ready, we put a apafta ear pressing. If the sound meets the feel of soft broken nut, then kitrinokoulouro is ready. When cool, put in large cans and close immediately.So daitirountai for some time.


Easter is hosted at home of Mrs Helen Stagoni the meadow and shared with us the following recipe.Rather than spit lamb on Easter Sunday are stuffed lamb with rice. The preparation is the Saturday and then placed in a traditional oven. Below you will find all the steps and materials needed.


• The carcass of a lamb or goat (9 - 10 kgr approx.)
•The pluck (except spleen)
• 2 kgr rice soup
• 2 large onions dried
• Allspice ground
• Cinnamon, grated
• clove
• Salt
• Pepper
• Some water
• parchment paper, foil, klimatoverges, needle and thread


After washing the corpse by placing it in brine (salt water) and leave for 1 hour.

Wash the pluck and zematame in boiling water for 5 - 8 minutes. To withdraw, drain and cut into pieces the size of dice.

Fry in little oil psilokkomena the onions, add the chopped pluck, salt, pepper, allspice (about one teaspoon) of cinnamon and cloves (about half a teaspoon).

When almost done, add the lamb's liver and rice after the first wash.Finally add some water to almost done, and rice. The stuffing is ready to remove from the heat.

We take the corpse from the brine (which does not fly) and place the stuffing inside.

Carefully sew the open part of the meat.Sprinkle with pepper, allspice, cinnamon and clove.

Dip the wax paper in brine as well wet wrap the corpse in order not to appear any part of the meat. Then wrap with foil.

In a pan add the klimatoverges covering the bottom and place wrapped up in the wreck. Add a little water.

Put lambrianos from vradis built in oven where it baked all night until the next morning.